IT Service Dependency Discovery That Works

Let's face it, maintaining accurate service dependency documentation by hand is impossible. Even if you had the time and resources to do it once, the endless state of change in the modern data center makes it impossible to keep track of every change and to fully understand the complex relationships between infrastructure assets.

That's where FireScope Insight's IT service dependency discovery comes in, leveraging passive network monitoring to identify service end-points, automatically discovering service dependencies and continually refining this picture as your infrastructure changes.

  • Map the dependencies of your critical IT services automatically, including application, physical and virtual dimensions.
  • Application flows are mapped via passive network monitoring, continually updating as infrastructure changes take place. There's no need to touch each server and run scripts with administrative privileges, or inject code into production applications.
  • Additional topology, network and API (VMware, NetApp, AWS, etc.) discovery adds configuration details for a more complete picture.
  • Continually monitors for changes in service dependency and offering comparison views of authorized configuration versus actual.
  • Integration with Cherwell CMDB enables automatic population of service dependencies and asset configuration details.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery offers value on day one, with no need to maintain a massive, dedicated infrastructure.

Watch the 10-Minute Demo

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The End of Complexity

Previously, organizations had only one choice if they wanted to consolidate and standardize around a global platform for IT; engaging a Big-4 vendor to implement a complex suite made up of multiple products that required over a year to implement and carried significant integration risks. Now, the same capabilities can be achieved with just two, tightly integrated, cloud- based products that can be delivered in days. Get started today by requesting a demo or consultation.